Lawyer Confidence in Client Interactions and How to Handle the Uncertainties

Do you sometimes feel unsure of yourself when speaking to a client or making a presentation?   Anyone who answered no is not being honest.   We all feel insecure at certain times; that is human.   It is impossible to know everything or anticipate every possible question.  You can be more effective with clients and colleagues…
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Combatting Lawyer Burnout and Recharging Your Career

Do you feel fatigued by the long hours, demanding clients and little sleep?   At points in our careers, many lawyers feel like they don’t have a life and that their work defines them.   This is understandable given the demands of the job and the high fees clients pay for legal services.   Yet,…
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emotional intelligence

9 Reasons Why Lawyers Need Emotional Intelligence Skills

Lawyers need emotional intelligence skills.   Emotional intelligence is the key differentiator between success and failure.    To obtain that critical advantage in securing new engagements or obtaining that corporate, association or government promotion, learn how to optimize your emotional intelligence skills. Do You Know Your Emotions and How They Affect Behavior and Relationships? Daniel…
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core values

The Power of Core Values to Sound Decision Making

In a coaching relationship, we work together to develop your core principles. That will help you become a more effective and centered decision-maker. One of the main benefits of Coaching is that it helps you align with your core values.
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trademark, branding sign

How to Develop Your Brand: A Guide for Attorneys

Lawyers often wonder how to enhance their marketability and in the process, generate more revenue. After all, success at a firm is about “revenue generation.” To be a successful lawyer, you need to have a brand.
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