Praise for Bernie Knight


“Bernie’s life experience has shaped him into a master consultant for those looking to make a decision that considers both one’s personal and professional priorities. If you find yourself stuck and just want to move forward with resolute confidence, you’ll want to hear what Bernie thinks first!

— PR, Chief Executive Officer & Entrepreneur

Bernie’s perceptiveness and wonderful demeanor make him the ideal coach and counselor. I have benefited greatly, both personally and professionally, from his insights and support over the years, and know that you will too. “

— DC, Lawyer, Government Executive & Congressional Affairs Executive

“Bernie has a unique ability to cut through the bull and see the real issue. That talent, coupled with his deep compassion for others make him an invaluable coach.”

— LB, Lawyer, Government Executive & Expert Witness

Bernie’s outstanding ability to listen to — and actually hear — his clients’ needs, is a major reason why I trust and respect his work. But in addition, his sharp intellect, practical experience, and wit make him a fantastic advisor.”

— MT, Marketing Executive

“Bernie Knight is an extremely well-educated, experienced, and skilled career coach. He’s an empathetic listener who has the ability to guide people in their personal and professional life, helping them to find happiness and success. His background and personal work experiences qualify him to help people pursue a more challenging, fulfilling, rewarding, and successful path…

Having known Bernie Knight for nearly 30 years, I can highly recommend him to anyone looking for life and/or career guidance and support. Bernie holds several degrees and certificates and has tremendous life and varied professional experiences which qualify him to help others in their journey to a more rewarding and satisfying life.”

— JP, Educator & Marketer

Bernie has the unique talent and training to analyze a problem, and offer a practical, viable solution. For example, after listening attentively about my concerns involving a problem with a friend, he correctly concluded that I should not take that individual’s behavior personally, that perhaps something else was going on in their life which brought about their abrupt behavior towards me. Turns out, he hit the nail on the head! I’m glad I took his advice and didn’t overreact.”

— DJ, Commercial Real Estate Executive

“As a leader with a strong personality, I found Bernie Knight’s advice and counsel refreshingly tough and to the point. He helped me tremendously through a very difficult career transition.  I would recommend Bernie Knight to anyone who is looking for honest, compassionate executive counseling…Bernie Knight is a compassionate listener, he is able to identify the core issue quickly, then work with you to help you figure out how you can address the issue.”

— AC, President of Major Trade Association & Government Political Appointee

“If you’re looking for clarity in what’s really important to you or just want a lesson in successfully navigating and overcoming adversity, Bernie is your man!  Whenever I’ve been torn between two good options in my personal or professional life, Bernie has been my go-to guy for helping make the best decisions for me.”

— R, Chief Executive Officer & Entrepreneur